Newborn Essentials


How is it that time moves equally fast and slow as a new mom? Theo is 24 days old and he’s already grown so much - complete with chubby cheeks and an adorable double chin! We call him Porchetta which is especially fitting since he was born during the Year of the Pig.

Every day is a learning experience - through the hardships I gain more confidence and our family bond strengthens. The first week was especially challenging as I struggled to get sleep and was overcome with the Baby Blues. I had difficulties breastfeeding during this time, due in part to the amount of blood that I lost during delivery. The nurses in the hospital were very supportive, as were my parents and husband. They reminded me that every mom and child is unique and that I was doing everything right, even though I felt as if I was letting Theo down. After about a week, lots of patience and a nice assortment of lactation supporting food and drinks my milk came in and it was night and day for Theo!

It’s easy to doubt yourself as a mom during these first few weeks but trust me, your instincts kick in and you quickly start to get the hang of things. Your baby is only a newborn once and it’s a marvelous time - slow down and enjoy each precious moment. Take it one day at a time and trust your gut.

Here are some tips and must-haves on surviving those early weeks with your newborn!*


  • Plan ahead - keep your home clean and your fridge/freezer stocked. The last thing you’ll want (or even be physically able to do) when you get home from the hospital is household chores and cooking.

  • Accept help and don’t be afraid to ask for it! We had family stay over, friends cook us meals and walk our dog. This helped me and Sennett focus on our new roles as parents and catch up on some sleep.

  • If you’re nursing, stay hydrated and eat well. I’m even more hungry now than I was while I was pregnant! You need those extra calories while nursing and drinking plenty of water helps keep your milk supply up. Try one of my lactation smoothies to help increase your milk production.

  • Download helpful parenting apps and sign up for email newsletters. I get emails from BabyCenter and use the apps Ovia Parenting and The Wonder Weeks.

  • Keep it low key - don’t do too much too quickly, your body needs time to heal and your hormones need time to adjust. Stay in bed those first few days and conserve your energy.

  • Netflix and chill - find some uplifting shows and stock up on good books and podcasts that will boost your mood and get you through those midnight feedings!

Must-haves for mom:

  • Electric breast pump ( I wish I would have upgraded to the portable version)

  • Peri bottle - to stay clean and heal more quickly

  • My Brest Friend nursing pillow - helps with your posture and I also walk around with it as a way to help support Theo (it’s like a little shelf!)

  • Nursing and pumping bras

  • Lactation Tea

  • Earth Mama nipple butter - breastfeeding hurts at first!

  • Belly Wrap - to help support and compress your belly, waist, and hips post-pregnancy. (I’ve been wearing this one)

Must-haves for baby:

  • Rock n Play - I wish I would have gotten the auto-rocker version. Theo likes to chill or nap in here and he’s not a fan of the vibrating option.

  • Halo SleepSack Swaddle - easy to put baby in and they come in different sizes and fabrics. It helps keep them cozy and snug.

  • Zipper onesies - Theo hates being changed so these onesies make things WAY easier

  • Earth mama diaper balm - noticeable difference in just a day or 2!

  • Portable white noise machine - great for putting in the bassinet and bringing in the car or stroller

  • Electric nail trimmer - babies are born with tiny, sharp, long nails! They are difficult to cut since they are so soft so I highly recommend this trimmer.

*This blog is in no-way sponsored by the above products. This is my genuine opinion.

I would love to hear what YOU love to use as a new mamma and I hope you find these tips and lists helpful! Embrace this new chapter and don’t be afraid to connect with other moms online and in person for support and guidance.