Pregnancy Tips & Must Haves

It feels like -31 F outside, I’m officially on maternity leave but still pregnant - 40 weeks and 2 days to be exact. Did you know that only 5% of women actually deliver on their “due date”? Not only that, but you are more likely to deliver late if 1) it’s your first pregnancy and 2) if you’re having a boy. I think baby Theo is just way too cozy right now and he’s not keen on entering this world on a blistering cold day. One way or another, he will be born in the next week or so.

As I anxiously await his arrival, I keep myself busy - nesting and such. I’ve used this time to work on some projects, clean the house, read, and share some pregnancy wisdom with you. As I reflect on the past 9+ months, I feel grateful for my journey and for my supportive circle of friends and family. I honestly had an enjoyable pregnancy, and I credit most of that to being active, to always looking on the bright side and a bit of luck.

As a first-time mamma, I researched a lot on the web, attended birthing classes, signed up for several newsletters, connected with other moms and tried to be as prepared as possible. Now that I’ve been through this journey, I wanted to share some tips for a healthy and happy pregnancy AND my top must-haves!



  • Stay active but tailor your workouts to your mood and stage in your pregnancy. Think shorter workouts, low-impact movement and light weights or body weight only exercises. Include movement in your daily routine, whether that’s a walk, stair climb or 30min strength workout. For specific exercises and tutorials, check out my Instagram.

  • Cut yourself some slack, you’re growing a tiny human after all! Take naps, order-in and schedule some days of pampering.

  • Relieve aches and pains with a combination of prenatal yoga, prenatal massages and stretching - but be mindful not to overdue the stretching, you’re more flexible during pregnancy.

  • Take everything with a grain of salt - whether that’s advice from friends or something you read online. Every women’s experience is unique and you may find yourself in a downward spiral of Googling “what ifs”. Make sure you’re getting information from trusted sources (see below for book recommendations).

  • Take some time off from your phone (I know, easier said than done) and be present in the moment with your partner. Enjoy each other’s company, schedule date nights and discuss your hopes and dreams for your little one.


  • For Staying Informed

  • For Staying Comfy

    • Belly Bands - Babymoov Dream Belt Sleep Aid (I used this almost nightly after reaching week 36, for back pain relief and a better sleep!) During the day, I’m wearing a BaboCare belt. I started about 2 weeks ago and it’s really helped relieve pelvic pressure and hip pain.

    • Versatile Pillow - Babymoov Pillow (I used this pretty much from the get-go, while doing work at my desk, sitting at the dinner table and in between my legs at night. Bonus - it’s portable!)

    • Slip-On Shoes - seriously LIFE SAVING - the struggle with laces is no joke. I bought these fur-lined Crocs for ease and warmth and these Vans Sneakers for working out.

    • Maternity Clothes/Best Active Wear - My go-to for active wear was Gap Maternity - they always have sales and lots of options. The only thing I’d say is they are made for taller women (such is life). I also bought several of their maternity sweaters. The leggings I wore the most were my pair of lululemon leggings (pre-pregnancy size!). They stretched enough that they lasted until I stopped teaching class at 37 weeks! I hated wearing bras and I didn’t want to keep buying bigger sizes so I went for stretchy options that double as nursing bras - this one and this one from Motherhood are my favs.

  • For Easing Pain

    • Hot/Cold Pack - easy to use and portable

    • Magnesium Spray - for those nasty calve cramps. This one is locally made and all-natural

    • Foam Roller - for myofascial release

    • Pre-natal Yoga - I took classes (almost) weekly at Blooma in Minneapolis and also did some quick routines on my own. Stay tuned for an online yoga workout coming soon on the blog!

  • For Your Body

    • Epionce Extreme Barrier Cream - I give this cream credit for no stretch marks on my belly (I just wish I would’ve used it on my boobs sooner!)

    • Feminine Wash - to keep yeast infections at bay with all those added hormones. I bought this brand at CVS and used these wipes as well.

  • For Snacking

    • Ginger Chews (I had very mild morning sickness but was more prone to getting car sick, these candies helped a ton)

    • My Go-To Snacks

      • Apples and peanut butter

      • Cheese (The Laughing Cow especially) and crackers

      • Veggies and humus

      • Energy bites

      • RXbars

      • These dark chocolate sea salt caramels with my afternoon coffee for a special treat

Enjoy this amazing time in your life -embrace the ups and downs and share your story. Comment below if you have any questions and share with your pregnant friends! Thanks for reading!