Barre Booty Workout

We all have a favorite body part - and for me, it's my butt. It's pretty sizeable (especially for a 4'11'' Italian lady) but it's firm and bootylicious :) 

I'm sure most of you have seen videos of girls performing barbell squats in the gym and although those are very effective, I've had to find other ways to train due to spinal issues. Plus, I didn't always have access to a gym or equipment. Bodyweight exercises are awesome because they're easily modified to challenge anyone. Adding extra reps, performing the exercises faster or super slowly, taking shorter breaks, or adding a ballistic movement are just a few ways to make the simplest workout tougher. 

The video below features some of my favorite glute exercises adopted from my barre classes. What makes it barre? It's the slow, controlled, isolated movements (and of course - the pulses). While performing these exercises, fire up your glutes, contract your abdominals and keep your spine and pelvis neutral. Remember to use your muscles to create the movement, rather that using momentum. 

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