Fabletics X Piloxing

Fabletics Piloxing.JPG

Want to snag 2 pairs of Fabletics leggings for $24?! Let me hook you up with this awesome deal, follow this link to shop now! 

Last Sunday I got to teach yet another Master Class in the Fabletics Store at the Mall of America. As a brand ambassador I get to teach group fitness classes both in store and around town in the brand’s most exciting looks of the season. Beyond the trendy and affordable clothing, Fabletics fosters a community of people who embrace their mantra – “Live Your Passion” – every day. Their community classes bring people together and support local instructors and fitness studios. This time I got outfitted in a gold and black ensemble - it’s gonna look so great at ALTR! Thumbs up for brand colors!

This was my 4th class at the mall with Fabletics this year. Most locals avoid the giant mall like the plague, but not me - I kind of love it. It reminds me of being in China. I love teaching Piloxing because it’s super fun, easy to follow and burns a ton of calories. We were sweating in no time and smiling during the entire class, even through the pain. This dynamic program moves through powerful boxing combinations to sculpting and lengthening Pilates-influenced movement to fun and simple dance releases, and back around again. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re seriously missing out. Come check out one of my weekly classes at Six Degrees Uptown or Straightlline Dance Fitness.

I’m also happy to bring the party to you - I’ve done classes for stores, companies and apartment buildings. Reach out to learn more and stay tuned for future community events and ways to save.